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The University traditions date back to 1944, when the first four Faculties were created at the recently established Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin: Medical, Life Sciences, Agricultural and Veterinary. Among the sequentially-formed faculties, in 1953 the Department of Animal Husbandry began its operations.


 In 1955, during a surge of new universities, Professor Bohdan Dobrzański, the Rector of  Maria Curie-Skłodowska University at the time, was appointed  to create an independent scientific – didactic and research unit from the Faculties of  Agriculture, Veterinary and Zootechnics. With the Resolution No. 603 of the Council of Ministers from 6 August 1955, The Higher School of Agriculture was established in Lublin. Professor Bohdan Dobrzański became its first Rector.


The dynamic development of the University and the expansion of its activities led to the establishment of two more Departments in 1970 - Horticulture (renamed Horticulture and Landscape Architecture in 2010) and Agricultural Engineering (renamed Production Engineering in 2003). In accordance with the Council of Ministers Resolution of 23 September 1972, the University was given a new name – since then, for over 35 years, it was known as the Agricultural University in Lublin.



ul. Głęboka, Lublin, Wydz. Weterynarii  

University buildings



In 1960 the Agrarian Faculty was renamed the Agricultural Faculty and in 2007 its name was changed once again to the Agrobioengineering Faculty. Similarly, in 1995 the Veterinary Faculty was renamed the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and in 1998, the Animal Husbandry Faculty was transformed into the  Faculty of Biology and Animal Breeding. In May 2005, the Senate established the sixth faculty – the Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology and in 2006, it established the seventh one - the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Zamość (former Institute of Agricultural Sciences), which operated until its closure in 2015.

On 6 March 2008, the Polish government passed a law which changed the names of some agricultural colleges. After the bill was approved by the Senate and validated  by the President of Poland it was published in the Official Gazette and became effective as of 11 April 2008. During the solemn ceremony held on 17 April 2008, the name of the University was changed to the University of Life Sciences in Lublin.


Over the past few years, the University has significantly expanded its research infrastructure, also thanks to the active use of EU funds. Opened in: 2012 – the Main Library – the Regional Centre for Agricultural Scientific Information, in 2013 – the Centre for Investment and Implementation of New Technologies in Agricultural Engineering, and in 2015 – the Innovative Centre for Animal Pathology and Therapy, will significantly improve educational standards and scientific development.


The Main Library – the Regional Centre for Agricultural Scientific Information

The Strategy of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin for 2013-2020 adopted by the Senate’s Resolution No. 40 / 2012-2013 envisages further improvement of systemic activities, which will strengthen the University’s position as an important research and teaching institution.