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The University of Life Sciences in Lublin conforms to the principles of the Bologna Process and provides education in each of the three stages of study. It also conducts postgraduate and refresher courses.


There are more than 10 thousand students in full-time and part-time studies of the first and second cycle of studies as well as comprehensive master’s studies. The educational offer includes several courses and specializations. The number of university graduates has exceeded 60 thousand.
The high level of academic staff and their devotion, well-equipped laboratories and lecture halls, and modern teaching methods guarantee the highest level of education. There is strong emphasis on implementing theoretical knowledge in practice.


Students have the opportunity to further develop their interest in science, art (the Ensemble of Song and Dance “Jawor", the Choir of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin), or sports and journalism (student magazine "Radar"). The University has a modern Sports and Recreational Center.